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Registration, Log in & prices

The registration is fast and easy. Please go to this link and fill your Name, email and password. You will immediately have access to the wholesale price.

If you already have registration, please go to this link, fill your email and password. In case you have forgotten your password, use this link to change it.

We are selling only wholesale. That is why our prices are not publicly visible. You can see the prices only after registration. It will take you no more than 1 minute. Please follow this link. In case you are already registered, please use this link for log in.

We are a VAT registered EU company. When the customer is also a VAT registered EU company, they do not pay VAT to us. If you do not have VAT registration, you will pay standard 19% Romanian VAT to us.

Making orders

Just add the desired items in the cart. When you are ready to check out, go to your cart, fill your address of delivery and finalise your order.It is fast and easy.
The minimum order is 500 Lei (VAT incl.) with a shipping charge of 30 Lei (VAT Incl.) We also offer free shipping for orders above 1000 Lei (VAT Incl.)
Yes. There is no minimum quantity per item. Only minimum amount for the order - 500 Lei (VAT incl.)
Yes. We contact all new customers in order to confirm the phone number and delivery address. For repeat customers, we will just notify you on Whatsapp that the order is sent.
Yes. If you want to add/remove an item or make any changes, please write us on WhatsApp +359878626363.
Yes. If any option is available, you can choose your preferences. Also, all items that have any option, by default “random/mix” will be selected. In that case, if you order 1 pcs, we will send you a random color/option. If you order more than 1 pcs, we will send you a mix of all colors/options we have.
If you are a VAT registered company, you will not pay VAT to us. If you do not have VAT registration, you will pay standard Romanian VAT of 19% to us.

Delivery, payment and discounts

You can pay for your orders directly to the courier. Also, you can pay by card or bank transfer. Armtoys has a Romanian bank account where you can transfer the money. Bank transfer and card payments are our recommended way for paying your orders. As a reward, we will give you a 3% additional discount.

Just make your order and choose bank/card payment. We will prepare your order and when it’s ready, we will send you the invoice with bank details/card payment link. We will ship your order immediately after your payment. This is our recommended way for payment. As a reward, we will give you 3% additional discount.

We work with Fan courier for your order and they come directly to your address.
The shipping is free for all order above 1000 lei (VAT incl.) For order from 500 Lei to 1000 Lei, the shipping cost is 30 Lei (VAT incl.)
Most of the orders are sent on the same working day. In some cases we will send the order the next working day. For Bucarest the delivery time is 1 day. For cities with FAN Curier offices - 2 day. For the locations with no Fan courier offices the delivery time is 3-5 days.

We order above 1000 Lei and we offer free delivery. For orders from 2000-10000 Lei we offer discounts up to 15%. Additionally, you will get a 3% discount if you pay by bank or card.

If you are a big customer with regular large orders (10000 Lei and above), please contact us on WhatsApp (+359878626363) and we will discuss an attractive offer for you.

Invoices, labels, certificates & returns

Yes. We always issue an invoice for all orders. The invoice is in Romanian and in Lei.

The invoice is in Romanian and in Lei.
We provide labels in Romanian for all toys. You will receive them with your order. You just need to stick them to the toy.

Yes. All toys have barcodes. To make it even easier, we have included barcodes in the invoice.

Yes. We can provide EN and CE certificates for the products upon request.
It is rare, but sometimes it is possible for a toy to have a defect. Please send us a picture of the toy with a description of the defect. We will credit it towards your next order.


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Click for more products.
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